Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

One of my favorite gurus to follow is the group at Precision Nutrition.  They focus on great topics and use Infographics (like the ones you use to see in middle school reading USA Today).   One of their most recent posts is on SLEEP.  This staple is important for recovery and weight-loss.  Check it out:

The Power of Sleep


3 thoughts on “Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. That article mentions using an app or a device to wake you up during optimal sleep cycles – the only way to really tell what type of sleep you are in is by brainwaves. No app or wearable will do this. Its mostly just marketing bunk.


    • You bring up a really good point, I’m not sure how much I trust “sleep” technology and haven’t done any research into it. I’m also not wild about their thoughts on drinking water before bed. I believe waking up once in the middle of the night is a managable price to pay if you’re staying hydrated.


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