Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

IMG_20160805_192730Ever have an ache in your ankles, tight calves, wonky knees, constant hip or low back? Basically anywhere?

One of the first things I check is ankle mobility.  Here is a quick test.  Find a wall and put your big toe 4 inches (the length of your eyeball vertically is generally about an inch for reference) away from it.  Now, WITHOUT lifting up your heel at all… can you lean into the wall and touch it with your knee?  See the picture above (I’m actually pushing 5 inches because apparently I can’t read numbers upside down).

If you can, HOORAY… you’re pretty awesome!!!

If you can’t… you’re still pretty awesome, but you are also probably making compensations in you gait that you weren’t even aware of… until now.  These compensations throw the body of whack joint by joint.  Where you feel the pain might not even be close to the ankle.

The solution is just as simple as the test.  Do about 10 pulses on each ankle 2x/day until you can reach the wall.  Then see how your body reacts.

*** Captain Obvious reminds us that if you’ve had a history of foot, ankle or knee problems… be kind to your body and don’t force it into a position it doesn’t want to be in.

— Test provided by the Functional Movement Screen–


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