Ithaca Trainer: What I’m reading Wednesday

Here is another great article from Precision Nutrition:

Eating too much? Blame your brain

tl:dr  – Weight loss is simply calories in vs calories out right?  Yes, in a very simplified form.  But you’re brain and hormones play a HUGE role as well.

Yet we are not victims in this situation, there are things we can do.  Eat balanced (marcos). Focus on non-processed food.

PS. Track your calorie in-take.
This next one is about life balance from James Clear:
tl:dr – Health, Work, Friends, Family.  You can’t give full effort to all four at once.  Rotating, cutting off, or out-sourcing are some solutions.
Finally, because I really needed the help these past few weeks, one from Asian Efficiency:
tl:dr – Start small and promise yourself only 5 mins of effort.  Once the ball is rolling, it’s easier to keep going.  Inertia.

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