Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

Do you have a desk job? Drive a lot?  Or just enjoy being addicted to your phone ?

No?? Congrats, you truly are the 1%

For the rest of us, these lovely activities can cause a mean case of upper crossed syndrome, or forward head posture. Besides being a pain the neck, literally, it can lead to headaches, a hunch in the back, and poor posture (which is no bueno for self-esteem).

Take this test.

Grab a pen and rest it on your cheek bone.  The tip of the pen should be able to reach your collar bone.  You may need to give yourself a double-chin to do this, but that is how your head should rest.

Fun fact: You can still have your head in the correct position and work a desk job, drive, and waste a huge amount of time on your phone.

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