Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

Last week, I touched on the beauty that is Caveman Arms.  Most people aren’t even aware that they have Caveman Arms, but it could be impacting your shoulder health.  Just like with forward head posture, texting and sitting at a computer can be a major cause of this neanderthal situation. The constant state of having your arms in front of you can cause internal rotation of the shoulders. Without getting into too much jargon, internal rotation may produce lingering tightness in the front of your shoulder.  This will become a problem when you raise your arms overhead, because  you no longer have adequate range of motion. AKA pain.

Here is what Caveman Arms looks like:






Ideally, when standing relaxed in front of a mirror you should only be able to see your thumb and first finger (maybe a bit of the next finger).  If you can see the back of your hand or multiple fingers, you probably have Caveman Arms.

As I mentioned last weekend, Face Pulls are a great way to combat Caveman Arms.  I’ve posted a video of  Banded Face Pulls on monkey bars to my instagram.  Check it out by clicking the box in the top left-hand corner.


If you have any comments or questions, write me or write a note below!


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