Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

With just over 6 weeks left until the end of my OCR season, I’m focused on squeezing out the last little bit of intense training I can… and my reading reflects it.   Regardless, this information is great whether you’re a year-round athlete, looking to get stronger, or lose weight.

Another one from my favorites at Precision Nutrition.  I’m a big advocate of 1g of protein/ lb of body weight for weight loss and muscle growth (although sometimes even more for the latter).  Protein makes you feel full (so you eat less), repairs muscles (more gainz), and has other benefits.  This article breaks down a few myths (like why the FDA recommends much LESS protein in a daily diet) and overall has wonderful information.

Will A High Protein Diet Hurt Your Health? – Precision Nutrition


I’m also a big advocate of staying mentally focused and positive (or at least motivational… some athletes I know like to repeat obnoxious song lyrics or yell at themselves, whatever works) while training or competing.

Couple things:

  1. This study was done with men only.  One of the biggest changes was in testosterone.  Keep this is mind while looking at the charts and data.  While women do have some testosterone, it’s not nearly as much and so I doubt the impacts would be the same.
  2. They used two methods:
    1. Motivation Self-talk: LOVE.  Essentially  whenever they had a negative thought before, during, or after training… they replaced it with a positive one.  Change your outlook, change your life.
    2. Mental Imagery:  They practiced performed the exercise in their minds as if they were actually doing with their bodies.

Their overall conclusion: Huge gainz in the strength, lower cortisol (good for weight loss), higher testosterone (again, tested with dudes), lower resting heart rate (better at chillaxing), and lower blood pressure (your heart thanks you).  Mental training helps lower stress levels as well, which can improve recovery time.  So you can keep doing you.  Maybe it is all in our heads?  Definitely worth a shot!

Mental Training– Chris Beardsley at Strength and Conditioning Research


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