Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

Are you a mom, or soon-to-be-mom? Heavy lifter? ORC athlete?  Desk jockey?  A bit aged like a good whiskey? Or just a regular person?  Then this tip is for you!

Do you have Farmer’s Carries in your current workout routine?  Do you know what a Farmer’s carry is?

A Farmer’s Carry is when you pick something heavy up and walk with it.  Sounds simple right?  Not if you keep your core tight like you’re about to be tickled or punched.  And then the forearm burn sets in… like bad.

This move will help create internal tension, aka bracing (like what you do right before your fur baby jumps on your stomach), that helps protect your spine.  Which is great if you plan on carrying a bucket of rocks, picking up a wiggling mess of love, or squatting all the weight… and not blowing out your back.

Also great for forearm and wrist strength.  Like the calves of the upper body, this area can be hard to work, but is extremely important.  Building up this area will increase your grip strength, stamina, and reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the local tendons and ligaments.

New moms, know that funny thing you do… where you hold your baby?  Notice how your wrist is kinda bent… funny… and all?  That bent wrist is in a compromised position.  AKA putting strain on those tendons and ligaments.  Start doing Farmer’s Carry ASAP (you can even start during pregnancy).

Heavy lifters, bridge your upper and lower body days with these moves. Don’t lose your deadlift or chin up due to grip.  Keep crushing it.

ORC athletes, freaking monkey bars, ropes and rigs.  And those lovely buckets-o-rocks… and sandbags… and log carries.  Need I saw more?

Desk jockeys, that weird ache in your wrists when you’ve been a computer for too long?  You can fix that.

Mature population, learning to brace will significantly reduce your risk of injury and could help with balance.  Also, opening jars is quite a luxury.

And its SO SIMPLE to do:

Beyond the Farmer’s Walk -Jordan Pagel

Check out the videos for different Farmer Carry variations.  He has some other great information as well.

Don’t have access to big weights, plates, kettle bells, and barbells?

Do you have a  bucket or bag with strong handles?  Have a hand towel or two?  Fill the bucket/bag with water, rocks, dirt, toys, or the baby (that how you move them right? Just kidding. Kind of). Wrap the towel around the handle(s) so that it’s thick enough to have a full grip around or just less than that as you hold it.  Walk.  Keep your core tight, chin up and SQUEEZE your fists.  Measure the difference, weight, awkwardness of the bag.  Get better. 20160902_144131.jpg

I recently spoke with a friend who does these walks on a treadmill.  It’s super efficient, especially if you don’t have a lot of open space where you work out.  That being said, be VERY CAREFUL about balance and forearm fatigue.  It’s not super great to drop weights on a treadmill, or worse on yourself, getting distracted and hit the deck.



Also, thank your local farmer. This stuff is hard.







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