Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

Tony is wildly entertaining and very smaht.  I love this tip, and the idea behind it can be applied to every big movement.  Creating tension (engagement, bracing, a big squeeze… whatever you want to call it) before you initiate any challenging exercise is extremely important for performance and spinal health.  Check it out.

Tip: The Simplest Deadlift Fix – Tony Gentilcore

What bracing for our sympathetic system (fight or flight), deep breathing does for our parasympathetic system (rest and digest).


With the new school year starting, I can already see a change in many of my clients.  Schedules are rearranging, our figurative plates are being piled on, and we are switching gears to prepare us for what lies ahead.

I mean… Winter is Coming- Jon Snow

And so it seems, people have forgotten how to breathe well.  Most think they have it down, but you’re probably failing at it right now.  Test it out:  Put a hand on your stomach and one on your chest, then take a breath.  Do both hands move?  In what order?  Or just one?

Answer:  Your stomach should move first.  Then your chest, if at all.

This is an important skill to practice (yes, you need to practice).  Life is like any other competition, and it’s important to know how to regain focus.

Tip- Using Box Breathing to Regain Focus – Brian Alsruhe


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