Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’m heading to Germany today to visit a former (awesome) housemate and experience Ocktober Fest!  But of course, I did some great reading this week… check it out:


You’ll really like this piece, especially if you tend to fall behind after a fun or busy week /weekend/month:

The Quick-and-Dirty 5 Step Asian Efficiency Task Management Rescue Process Revealed– Aaron Lynn at Asian Efficiency


This article is important to read, especially for this time of year.  If you get busy with school, work after a mellow summer, or really gear up for the holidays, it’s easy to start making excuses or avoid the things we know we need to do.  This article really dissects excuses; showing us how it’s necessary to drop our vampires, avoid comparisons, and be honest to help dismantle those nasty excuses.

The Art of Making Excuses– Chris White


Finally, a follow up on a previous article about emotional eating:

Emotional Eating: Part 2… Get Over It and Do Something



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