Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

“I don’t have enough time” Do you ever hear yourself saying that when it’s time to head to the gym?  If you know you have a marathon study session coming up or a huge project at work with a demanding deadline… it can be tough to make time to exercise.  You’re not alone.  That’s why I tell most of my clients to invest in a moderate-sized Kettlebell.

Doing 30 swings for every hour you’re sitting will help reverse the negative impacts of your seat-bound-slump (preferably on the hour).  It takes less than 2 minutes, but will get your heart rate up and engage your posterior chain (aka bum and back).  This is important because sitting = the new smoking.  Everything in your body starts to slow down and gets junked up (technically speaking), which is why it’s so good to get things moving by pumping up your heart rate.  Strengthening your backside will help with posture and help prevent butt amnesia (it’s real).  It’s extremely important to make sure your form is correct, especially if you have any prior back concerns.  Let me know if you have any questions!


Here is a great video on the Kettlebell swing by Tony Gentilcore:


Read the full article here


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