Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading (or Watching) Wednesday


Vacations are fun, but I’m also a big fan of routine and happy to be back in the flow again.  Here are some of the articles I’ve read and a video that you may enjoy:

  • The “end” of the OCR (obstacle course racing) season is in sight.  There is one last challenge (OCR World Championship) until several months of bitter sweet rest, recovery, and prep for next season.  Unless you’re some of the crazy few that compete in the winter or travel to warmer destinations (and can I crash with you?) to keep the passion alive.  This is also a great time to reflect on why you would put yourself through the physical and mental struggle of an obstacle race.  Check out what Eric C Stevens has to say… my favorite quote is:

“It seems that races get us back in touch with ourselves while modern life is designed to do quite the opposite – to distract” Eric C Stevens

Adventure Racing, Obstacle Course Racing, and Triathlons – Where Does It Stop? – Eric C Stevens


  • One of my favorite gurus, Jeff Cavaliere, has a great video about working the abs.


Get more out of your core exercises by also squeezing a towel in between your legs.


  • Are you not seeing progress?  You could be over thinking it.  Check out what CJ Gotcher has to say on the matter:

Less Brains, More Heart– CJ Gotcher

tl:dr Analysis paralysis, program hopping, and goal carousels can prevent us from seeing any real progress.


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