Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday


This tip is coming from the Blue Mountains in beautiful Ontario, Canada.  The World Championship of Obstacle Course Racing is being held this weekend and includes athletes from 45 countries all over the world.  There will be almost 50 obstacles over 15km (about 10 miles)… and I can’t wait!  While there is a lot of upper body work to be done, this is still a foot race.  Speed and stamnia are important for the varying terrain.  Here is one if my favorite treadmill workouts to prepare for the quick flats and brutal uphills.  I call it the down hill sprint:

Begin at an incline of 6.o at a speed that is a slightly slower than a jog.  I will use 6.0 as an example… that is a 10 min/mile.

Incline — Speed
6.0 — 6.0
5.0 — 6.2
4.0 — 6.4
3.0 — 6.6
2.0 — 6.8
1.0 — 7.0
0.0 — 7.2

Interval Time — 60 secs

This is a real gut-check for 7 minutes.  You can play with the inclines, vary time intervals, and track your speed changes over time.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!



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