Ithaca Trainer: What I’m Reading Wednesday

Many people struggle leading a “healthy” life.  You build up an image in your head of what is healthy or not, good or bad, etc.  and it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders.  This is a major reason why “diets” fail.  Cut yourself some slack and learn that it’s more about balance, or adaption as Nia describes, and consistency.

Struggling to Build a Fit and Healthy Body? You Must Do this. – Nia Shanks


Tracking your calories is a great way to reach your weight loss (or gaining) goals.  Weighing and measuring your food is accurate, but can also turn you into an obsessive number-crunching nut.  Being able to eyeball portions is a great way to stay on track (and prevent you from being the annoying one in your group of friends).

Beginners Guide to Portion Sizes– Lindsay Cotter


Title says it all, these are some of the worst current trends. My favorites are from Boyce, Contreras, Cressey, and Blewett.  Check it out:

The Absolute Worst Fitness Trends – Multiple authors on T-Nation







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