Ithaca Trainer: Quick Tip Friday

Fall is amazing time of year.  Great for warm meals, beautiful colors, and celebrations just around the corner.  Oh and it starts to get dark and cold way too early.  This can be a big buzz kill for fitness motivation.  One way to stay on track is to take stock of your decision fatigue.   While decisions are allow us to express our individuality and independence, they can be overwhelming and draining.  Coupled with the dark and cold, this is recipe for netflix and ice cream.

Huffington Post has 8 Ways to Combat Decision Fatigue.  TLDR:

  1. Make big decisions in the morning (when you have the most brain power)
  2. Choose the simpler option
  3. Limit the options
  4. Go minimalist
  5. Done is better than perfect (I’m looking you my Type-A friends)
  6. Remove yourself from distracting places or situations
  7. If it’s not on your to-do list, the decision is no
  8. Make your first decision work

The ways I combat decision fatigue is to make lists and pre-plan even easy tasks.

  1. Plan your outfits for the week when you’re putting away laundry (it’s already out and will save yourself from feeling rushed in the morning)
  2. Write out your workouts for the week, even if it’s just a rough idea. Then look in the calendar and make sure you have time for it.  Include time to change and cool down from being sweaty… unless you enjoy not having friends.
  3. Meal prep (what an original idea!!) or even just grocery prep aka a list of food that will last you a week, not just want you’ve run out of.  Have protein bars, fruit, even deli meat and wraps on hand for quick meals.  You’re not yourself when you’re hunger- Snickers
  4. Have specific days to do laundry, shopping, cleaning, but also have back up days (in case you are wild and crazy by getting ice cream on Wednesday night instead of cleaning the bathroom).
  5. Pack bags (gym, lunch, work) the evening before… it doesn’t take much brain power at night and you’ll save it for other (better) things in the morning.

Or workout in the morning, that way you know you’ll have time for it.  If you do need to workout at night, taking time to limit decision fatigue will give you more willpower and energy to crush your fitness goals.


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