Quick Tip Saturday: Move like a gazelle with these 4 exercises

Do you want to..

  • Maneuver around the field, bases, pitch, or track with ease and speed?
  • Feel sturdy and stable as you climb stairs and walk on uneven surfaces?
  • Relieve stubborn knee pain and prevent it from coming back?


You should add single leg training into your training or daily life.

Why?  Take 20 secs to read below.  Trust me?  Jump ahead to the exercises.

Single leg training with challenge your proprioception (a fancy way of saying your body’s ability to judge position, motion, and equilibrium with in itself vs outside), which will increase grace and balance.  Imbalances in leg strength (if one side feels much stronger than the other) will send up a red flag, and potential prevent a future injury.  The stabilization muscles in our hips will be forced to work and strengthen… again, potential prevent a future injury (or help correct one).  Athletes NEED to do single leg train because 95% of sports require your legs to separated or uneven ex. running, throwing, kicking etc.


Being by mastering the split squat:  Stand with your feet apart and sink down until both knees are a 90 degrees.  Depending on your knee/hip history, you can keep your torso upright or leaning forward.  Same applies to your knee, the forward one can over you heel or drifting forward.  Your front knee should not drift to the side, but stay pointed over your middle toes. Then rise up into the original position.

Then move on to the lunge:  Same as the split squat, but now you are stepping back or forward into a standing position. This will require more balance and stability to move in and out of the split squat.


Finally work on slowly lowering yourself to a firm seat.  Bonus points if you can stand up on one leg after:  As with the split squat and the lunge, your standing knee shouldn’t drift side to side, but stay pointed over the middle toes.


Athletes: Kick it up a notch by removing the seat and doing a pistol squat.  You can use a TRX to help you as you build the strength and stability in your hips: Same rules apply,  your standing knee shouldn’t drift side to side, but stay pointed over the middle toes.



Let me know if you have any questions!  If you’d like help adding these moves into your current routine, reach out to me on my “Work with Trainer Meg J” page.


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