What I’m Reading Wednesday: Bang for Your Buck

Ready for something simple, straight-forward, and guaranteed to give you the results that you’d like?  Perfect.  Then check these out:

Before you step into a gym, start a new meal plan, or embark on a lifestyle change… you are 113% more likely (scientifically-proven… ish) to be more successful with a clear goal.  Saying you want to be “toned” is a good start, but it’s like saying you want to be a teacher.  Of what?  Kindergarten,  AP Physics, martial arts?  Vague goals can be overwhelmed and lead to distraction.  Check out what Jared has to say about goal-setting goal defining.

What Do You Want? – Jared Hamilton


So now that you have a clear goal, it’s time to build a plan.  Do you watch those crazy Youtube videos and want to squat with someone standing on your shoulders like Jessie Graff? Or use those fancy wrist band, knee sleeves, and belts like that jacked guy or girl in the gym?  It’s AMAZING to have those clear goals.  But before you start balancing little people on your back while wearing a belt, you should master the basics.  They will get you to your final destination goal much faster.  Check out what Chris has to say:

Tip: Focus on the Big Stuff – Chris Shugart


Lastly, here is your answer to everything:

  • You have your goal
  • You know what to focus on
  • Now you have all the details…

101 “Silver Strength Bullets to Build Strength and Burn Fat Fast – Jordan Syatt


As always, if you have any questions or need any help… I’d love to hear from you.  Take care of yourself.







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