What I’m Reading Wednesday: So… About Those Leftovers


Want to make a lifestyle change?  It’s good to have a game plan.  But I agree with Brian, that meal plans aren’t always the “problem solver”.

  • If they are too complicated to follow… like making you measure EVERYTHING
  • Require too much… you can’t be that person at work with fish for lunch everyday
  • Or will drive you insane in the long run… chicken, rice, and broccoli… again?

Check out some of his solutions.  Still need to put in the effort, but it’s more a transition than a change.

Meal Plans Usually Suck– Brian St. Pierre with Precision Nutrition


Considered about your HDL and LDL levels?  This article is great for clearing up any questions or concerns you might have about cholesterol.

Dietary Cholesterol Does Not Matter (For Most People)– Kayla McDonell, RD with Authority Nutrition

Diet soda…  In isolation, with normal amounts?  Totally fine. 

  • Causes cancer… you’d have to drink a TON
  • Causes weight gain and diabetes? Only if you’re unhealthy otherwise
  • Bad for you teeth?  Ok, yes, it’s terrible for that

Is Diet Soda Bad for You? – Examine.com


OMG, I put on 5lbs at Thanksgiving.  Yes and no.  Most of it is just water. 

When You Binge on Thanksgiving What Happens Inside Your Body – Examine


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