What I’m Reading Wednesday: Quick Fix Pick-Me-Ups

Does Old Man Winter have your workouts feeling blah and your motivation more like notivation?  Here are some easy reads on quick fix pick-me-ups to jump start your fitness for the coming (warmer) months.


It’s easy to get caught up in a mindset of “I need to do cardio” or “I have to lift weights” to be healthy or fit.  It’s not true. And if working out feels like a chore, eventually you’ll find other things to do with your time.  So instead find a passion that gets you moving… check out this great quote and article:

“Do some homework and seek to find an activity you can become passionate about. Throw time and effort and even money into it. Just keep trying to get better. Even let it come to define you as a person so that this new activity becomes a part of who you are.” I stopped, thinking that what I’d said was pretty good, then I realized I’d forgotten the most important part, being that he was interested in weight loss. “Don’t forget to fuel appropriately.”- James Fell

An Elevator Pitch to Lose Weight and Change Your Life– James Fell


Now if you do like lifting and need to hit the refresh button, check out these tips:

  • Warm up
  • Hydrate
  • Have some caffeine
  • Incease grip strength
  • Play with technique
  • Pump up the jams
  • Hold heavier weight… just for the feel of it

Weight Training Programs: 7 Ways to Get Strong(er) Now– Eric Cressey


Best way to see results?  Get the fat off your body.

Best way to get fat off your body?  Burn more calories than you eat.

Quick ways to eat less:

  • Eat more fiber
  • Cut back on stress and the following emotional eating
  • Use low doses of simulations (like caffeine or adrenaline)… where have I heard that before?

3 Science Based Steps to Curbing Your Appetite– Examine.com


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