What I’m Reading Wednesday: Weight of the World on Your Shoulders?

Fresh from the beautiful state of Florida, this week’s articles are inspired by the Savage race series.  A Savage race is a foot race on trails with mandatory obstacle completion (meaning no burpees or other alternatives) emphasizing upper body strength and body control.  There is chance for big prize money, but only if you can pass each challenge… that’s a lot of weight on your shoulders.


These are two phenomenal warm up drills my clients love for their shoulders:

  • Front to back overhead band stretch
  • Weighted shoulder circles

Tip: Prepare Your Shoulders for Heavy Lifting -Christian Thibaudeau on T-nation.com


Now that your shoulders are prepped… it’s time for bigger, stronger, and more powerful delts.  Check out advice from top fitness industry professionals:

  • Giant sets
  • Super set
  • Variety (of angles and exercises)
  • Actually engage the shoulders
  • Eccentric
  • Leg-less

And more…

The 12 Best Ways to Build Shoulders -Tnation.com


But don’t neglect stability and mobility!  The best way to recovery from an injury is to not get one at all.  Understand how your shoulders work:

Shoulder Mobility Balancing Act (CAREFUL!!) – Jeff Cavaiere with Athleanx.com



Excellent grip strength and wrist mobility will also assist in shoulder health and size.  Check out this comprehensive article:

Get A Grip: How to Improve Your Hand Strength And Wrist Mobility– Jim Bathurst with Nerdfitness.com


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