What I’m Reading Wednesday: Summer Bod (continued)

So you read my blog last week and are totally ready to strut your stuff this summer, right?  Sort of?  Mayyyybeee…

If not, here are s’more great articles that will give you a jump start to summertime (and year round) jacked-ness.


This may come as a surprise… but veggies will help you feel and look great.  I know, earth shattering. Which is perfect because vegetables are super delicious!  Disagree?  The chart below will help change your mind and palette.

Don’t Like Vegetables Infographic– PrecisionNutrition.com



What about working out? Lift heavy.

Lift heavy when you want to:

  • Get strong,
  • Huge like the Rock,
  • Or lean like Zac.

Your diet will mostly determine your size, just remember to keep lifting.


credit: FilmFad.com

Tip: The Right Way to Lift for Fat Loss? -TC Luoma on T-nation.com



Finally, you won’t make real progress until you drop the excuses.  Let’s talk about your metabolism aka Resting Metabolic Rate aka how many calories your body will naturally burn if you were to just chill all day.  The average person’s RMR (of the same height/weight/age/gender) only varies about 200-300 calories (aka 2-3 delicious Tablespoons of peanut butter) through the day.

The good news is that you can increase your RMR by doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) or building more muscle with strength training.

Is My “Slow Metabolism” Stalling My Weight Loss?– Examine.com


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