Don’t Forget the Donuts.

This post is for other trainers, or those looking to be successful (or more successful) in the fitness industry.

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You can learn a lot by reading books and watching videos, but there is something unique about observing an exceptional coach working with their clients in person.

I had the opportunity to visit Tony Gentilcore a couple of weeks ago and it was well worth price of a dozen donuts. Besides efficient exercises, helpful cues, and sweet jams…. Tony’s sessions created an atmosphere of intrinsic motivation.

That’s huge.

Losing motivation is a leading factor in why so many people quit their fitness goals. The several clients training that day were happy to be there (even on a Saturday morning).  They were friendly to me, a new-comer, and excited to share what they were working on, why, and how Tony has been able to help them.

They knew their stuff.

Tony wasn’t creating sheep; they were autonomous… which builds them not only as a strong client, but a capable person outside of the gym as well.

You can read about building autonomy, client rapport and motivation until your eyes bleed.  Seeing it in action will help guide you on how to actually recreate it for yourself.

So take advantage of opportunities.  Visit other coaches, shadow your coworkers, and invest in conferences.  Learn what can not be taught in books.  Bypass years of self-research by following someone that has already done the grunt work.

And when you do get a chance to meet or shadow an expert… pay it forward.

  • Listen,
  • Say thank you,
  • Observe their knowledge and interactions,
  • Do them a solid by sharing/liking their social media posts (with credit of course),
  • And bring them donuts.

And then, pay it back:

  • Share new exercises and cues with your clients,
  • Write about your experience,
  • Mentor a new trainer,
  • Give a presentation at your next staff meeting,
  • Be available to answer questions, just like that expert did for you.


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

– Issac Newton

Porcelain Post Don’t Charge People Money Observe Shadow Day– Tony Gentilcore


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