What I’m Reading Wednesday: Get Your Mind Right

I’m still on vacation and eager to soak up more rays before returning home, so this post will be quick and to the point.


When trying to make a lifestyle or diet change, you may try to “stop” or “avoid” certain activities.  This will only make you think about doing them more (check out the White Polar Bear Theory).  Instead, aim to begin good habits.  Check out the chart below:

Add vs. Avoid– Precision Nutrition


Stress has a huge impact on your life.  While a positive mindset can’t fix all the problems in the world, it can help you live a happier and healthier life.  As mentioned at the bottom of the article “the wolf you feed is the wolf that wins”.

Change Your Thoughts To Crush Your Goals– Shane Trotter with BreakMuscle.com


This one is about setting yourself up for success through your environment.  Eliminate distracting obstacles and making it easier to pick the healthier choice will be less taxing on your brain and will power.

Change Your Environment for Easy Fat Loss– Leslie Hooper from HooperFit.com


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