What I’m Reading Wednesday: Diet “Hacks”

I’m firmly believe the best way to:
– Lose weight,
– Get toned,
– Stay fit,
– Build muscle,
– Improve athleticism,
– And be awesome,
Is to be patient and consistent (not perfect) with your nutrition. But, sometimes we could use a little boost/hack/check-in. Here are some tips that could help…
Rumor Fact: It takes 20-25 mins for our stomach to register that it is full. Which is why wolfing down your food isn’t the best idea. That, and despite our stomach/intestines having fancy acid… they don’t actually have teeth.
Slow down. 
Even time yourself. 
Lose Fat with a Timer – Chris Shugart with T-nation.com
I’m partial to this article because the research was done at Cornell (in my hood). The study states that watching yourself in a mirror while eating will help you to make healthier choices. Creepy in public, but maybe could work at home? I’m not a fan of the “shaming” potential to this drill, but it could work for some folks.
Tip: An Awkward Way to Get Ripped – Chris Shugart with T-nation.com
This article could be frustrating if you believe your diet is excellent, but it is important to read.  Tracking every morsel and sip, even if it’s not exact, is an eye-opening experience.  Even a measly 250 calories (that’s 5.5 Oreos) everyday can add half a pound a week to the scale.  If weight lose is a priority, be cautious of those “little bites” or “sips” .

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