What I’m Reading Wednesday: Fix Sour Power Moves

Adding power moves into your exercise routine is a great way to get strong, burn more calories and increase athleticism.  And feel like you have super powers.
First step, make your warm up freaking awesome.  These means adding in explosive movements to wake up the CNS (central nervous system). Eric Brown does a great job of explaining what moves to do to warm up for specific compound exercises.  Check it out:
How to Increase Your PRs with Explosive Warm Ups – Eric Brown on Bodybuliding.com
Want to torch calories, sprint faster, or get a better butt?  Try Kettlebell swings.  This high reward exercise also comes with it’s risks.  Check out this two important fixes:
Tip: The Exercise Most People Screw Up– Tony Gentilcore with T-nation.com
Loaded jump squats (generally with a bar on your back) is challenging move that can produce great results.  Or completely jack up your back and spine.  Check out this modification:
Tip: A Better Way to Jump Squat- Jake Tuura with T-nation.com

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