What I’m Reading Wednesday: Sleep, Sugar, and Scales #FALSE

Sugar is the devil #FALSE
Sugar isn’t the devil.  It’s in many foods, processed and unprocessed, and does have a biological purpose.  It also makes stuff taste really yummy.  Which could cause us to eat more of it.  Now eating too much food, that’s where things start getting hot.  Sugar could be fueling the flames of unhealthy eating habits, but it’s not lighting the spark.
The surprising truth about sugar– Brian St. Pierre and Krista Scott-Dixon from PrecisionNutrition.com
The scale is the best way to measure progress #FALSE
Scales can be a helpful tool in measuring progress, but it gives an incomplete picture.  Your weight can fluctuate for many reasons… throughout the week, day, and even hour.  Keep it in your tool box, but also keep track of your energy level, mood, and the way your clothes fit.
You can catch up on sleep on the weekends #FALSE
Yea, no… this doesn’t actually work. Your body can’t tell the difference between a weekday and weekend. It’s not about the total sum at the end of the week. It just knows about natural rhythms. If you lose sleep, you’ll pay for it.  Obviously this will happen on occasion (for good and bad reasons), but it’s best to avoid making a habit of it. Especially if you think that you’ll be able to make up for it later.
Tip: Do You Have Social Jet Lag? – Tessa Gurley on T-nation.com

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