What I’m Reading Wednesday: ABSolutely Ready for the Summer


Do you want a visible 6-pack or flat abs? While it takes a lot of ***consistent*** work, it is possible. Just make sure you’re not spinning your wheels with endless hours of cardio or doing hundreds of crunches a day.


Should you plank more? Do more cardio?  Train your abs everyday? There are many confusing facts about core training. This article helps clear some up. My own 2 cents:

  • Planks do a have a lot of benefits, but if you can hold it for over 60 secs… you’re not squeezing hard enough or it’s time to master a new exercise
  • I am a big fan of fish oil, but not necessarily the other supplements they recommend

8 Inconvenient Truths About Ab Training – TC Luoma on T-nation.com


Diet is extremely important to see any definition in your core. Here are some simple foods to keep on hand to make it easier:

  • Rice veggies (veggies in general, but these mix better with other foods)
  • Hot sauces (also mustard, spices, salsa, soy sauce and lemon juice) = low calorie & big flavor
  • Frozen bananas (mainly to replace ice cream)
  • Quality protein powder (I personally use MTS Machine Whey Protein… mint or peanut butter cookies and cream flavors)

Tip: 4 Convenient Foods You Should Be Eating – Chris Shugart on T-nation.com



Mind muscles connection (you know… actually the using the muscle you’re trying to engage) is also important.  Here is a simple trick to improve your communication to your abs. I wonder if it’s called beach body because the ocean can actually help you squeeze your abs better?

Your BEST Abs Contraction Ever (PERIOD!!) – Jeff Cavaliere on AthleanX.com




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