What I’m Reading err Friday: PWGs aka “Pre-Wedding Guns”

My computer crapped out on me this week. So I’m feeling a bit “Day late and a dollar short”. But now I have this fancy new laptop… so let’s rock and roll. Two weekends ago, I celebrated the 4th wedding (BOOM Tep and Nick) on my roster for this year and am gearing up for the 5th one next weekend (so pumped Heather and Jon!!). Needless to say… I’ve got matrimonial bells ringing in my ears. And of course, workouts that will make you look phenomenal in a dress. Here goes…


Jeff Cavaliere always delivers excellent workout routines and advice. In this video, he focuses on triceps aka the back/bottom of your arm. If you plan on raising the roof at your reception, you’ll want to work on these muscles.

Bodyweight Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)– Jeff Cavaliere with Athlean-X.com


Can’t forget the biceps! In this article, 10 fitness experts weigh in on their favorite routines for better biceps. My personal favorite? Chin Ups.

The 10 Best Biceps Training Tips– T-nation.com


Last, but not least. The shoulders. If you want that nice, round, capped look… you’ll want to make sure to give your shoulders some love. This article is great at touching on the three parts of the shoulder and even includes a workout at the bottom.

8 Insider Tips To Build Your Ultimate Shoulders!– Christian King with Bodybuilding.com


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