What I’m Watching Friday: Snatches, Apple Cider Vinegar & Muscle Soreness

Another week has flown by and I’m behind on my reading. So what does any good student do when they fall behind? Find the spark notes. Or even better, a video. Check out some of my favorites from the week.


Using kettlebells is a great way to stronger. Swing kettlebells is an amazing way to burn calories and promote fat loss. Snatching and cleaning kettlebells are an excellent way to bust up your wrist… if you do them incorrectly.  This tip will help increase the gainz and decrease the black & blues:

Just the Tip: Punching the Snatch – Mike Connelly with Strength Faction


Jordan does a fantastic job of addressing important health and fitness issues in a hilarious manner. There are no shortcuts in weight loss and muscle growth, including drinking apple cider vinegar. Check it out:

Apple Cider Vinegar Does NOT Burn Fat– Jordan Syatt at Syattfitness.com


Many people judge the value of their workout by how sore they are the next day. Which is fine, sometimes. But muscle soreness is only 1/3 of the equation when it comes to muscle growth. Check it out:

Muscle Soreness and Muscle Growth (“BROSCIENCE” REVEALED!)– Jeff Cavaliere at AthleanX.com



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