What I’m Reading Wednesday: Get in a Quickie… Workout

How is it already August? You know you should squeeze in a workout, but it’s beautiful outside and we all know… winter is coming.

Credit: Pixbay

So dominate these efficient routines, enjoy the sun and avoid all white walkers & stone men!

Don’t you just love that immobilizing, clenching feeling you get when your abs are sore and you sneeze? No? Hmmm… well, then maybe you should avoid this workout. This circuit is also wonderful if you are in a super busy gym as well, bc it only requires one piece of equipment and limited space.
Med Ball Workout (5 MOVES TO A 6 PACK!) – Jeff Cavaliere with Athlean-X.com

Got a big day coming up… and you need to look jacked? Check out this program. The theory behind this routine is the same one I use for my brides. ***SPOILER*** I have some big things coming up in the fall for those fiances, so if you know anyone that needs to look diesel in a dress or smokin’ in suit… tell them to keep an eye out for me!

Only have 30 mins? Perfect! You can still get in an amazing workout. This exercise series was developed by one of my favorite fitness gurus Tony Gentilcore. Essentially it’s heavy deadlifts, followed by squats, push ups, kettlebell swings, rows, and farmer’s carries. Go crush it!



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