About Me

Oh hey!  

It is awesome bumping into you here.  I appreciate you taking the time to look around and I’d love to help in any way possible.  

There is a TON of health and fitness information out there.  Some of it’s right, some wrong, some misleading, confusing, and even down right manipulative.. It’s very challenging to sort through (even as a professional).  That’s why my life goal is to make Health and Fitness… Quick and Easy.  It doesn’t need to so challenging.  Let me start by telling you a bit more about myself.

I’ve had an active lifestyle ever since my mom came up with a “punishment” to make me run laps around the outside of house.  Little did she know, she spurred endurance athlete that now has almost a decade and a half of competitive experience under her belt.  Stir in hiking, rock climbing, and lifting into the mix and the passion continues.

As years went by, adutling took it’s course.  I mean it has to happen, right?  I dutifully did my desk job, until it was apparently my life was not heading in it’s destined direction.  

Ever have that feeling?

I was very fortunate to be guided towards personal training and it’s been a perfect match.  Ever since then, I’ve been happily coasting along.  


Pump the brakes.  

Coasting along?  Do you know what I mean… just the same old- same old?  Yea, something’s not right.  And it wasn’t.  

Several years into my “happily ever after” career, doctors found a benign cyst in my brain that required surgery and weeks of recovery.  Talk about an eye opening experience.

Have you had one?  The type of experience that stops you in your tracks.  Makes you step back and really think about what’s important in your life and what you could accomplish.   Or how we truly have to be grateful for every day?  

Then we need to talk.  This is BIG and it’s your opportunity.  Maybe you:

  • Have a wedding coming up
  • Want to feel like you again after having a child
  • Want to kick butt at an obstacle race,
  • Just are sick and tired of feeling winded walking up a flight of stairs.

The time to be better is now.  Let’s use this motivation (whether good or bad) to cut through the mundane and reach our full, happy, healthy potential.

Screw being mediocre.  Hiding in the background.  Settling.  You can be strong, powerful, and fast.  You can walk up to any obstacle you face and know with confidence… you’ve got this.  You can cut through the confusion, quick-fix products, and strict diets and go straight for the good stuff.

I can help you get there.

Let’s get it