Work with Trainer Meg J


Do you want to have a better life?  Duh.

Do you think moving better, feeling stronger, and having more confidence would help?  Duh… again.

Do you feel ready to do that… right now? Eh…

What’s holding you back?

  • Time… who has any to spare?
  • Money… I can’t afford a fancy trainer or big gym.
  • Fear… What if I fail?
  • Knowledge… I don’t even know where to start.

You’re right, making a lifestyle change… well, changes your whole life.  But that doesn’t mean it needs to be overwhelming.  Because little change + time = BIG changes.   And I can help.

Benefits you’ll see include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Specific instructions with videos, so that you know what you’re doing (and don’t feel like people are staring at you in the gym)
  • Workouts you can do completely at home until you are ready to step into a gym
  • Time efficient workouts, so that you’re spending your free time enjoying life
  • A starting place that is manageable and will continue to make you better
  • Accountability to stay consistent… so failure won’t exist
  • All the resources you need to be successful for a bargain
  • Step-by-step instructions, so that you don’t need to think at all
  • But support if you do have questions

I only take new clients when I have time to dedicate to their success.  


This is why I’ve been invited to multiples wedding, ran numerous first races, and was even there to see their child’s birth (just kidding… I’d pass out)

If you’re ready to start taking small, manageable steps to a better you… let’s chat.