What I’m Reading err Friday: PWGs aka “Pre-Wedding Guns”

My computer crapped out on me this week. So I’m feeling a bit “Day late and a dollar short”. But now I have this fancy new laptop… so let’s rock and roll. Two weekends ago, I celebrated the 4th wedding (BOOM Tep and Nick) on my roster for this year and am gearing up for the 5th one next weekend (so pumped Heather and Jon!!). Needless to say… I’ve got matrimonial bells ringing in my ears. And of course, workouts that will make you look phenomenal in a dress. Here goes…


Jeff Cavaliere always delivers excellent workout routines and advice. In this video, he focuses on triceps aka the back/bottom of your arm. If you plan on raising the roof at your reception, you’ll want to work on these muscles.

Bodyweight Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)– Jeff Cavaliere with Athlean-X.com


Can’t forget the biceps! In this article, 10 fitness experts weigh in on their favorite routines for better biceps. My personal favorite? Chin Ups.

The 10 Best Biceps Training Tips– T-nation.com


Last, but not least. The shoulders. If you want that nice, round, capped look… you’ll want to make sure to give your shoulders some love. This article is great at touching on the three parts of the shoulder and even includes a workout at the bottom.

8 Insider Tips To Build Your Ultimate Shoulders!– Christian King with Bodybuilding.com

What I’m Reading Wednesday: ABSolutely Ready for the Summer


Do you want a visible 6-pack or flat abs? While it takes a lot of ***consistent*** work, it is possible. Just make sure you’re not spinning your wheels with endless hours of cardio or doing hundreds of crunches a day.


Should you plank more? Do more cardio?  Train your abs everyday? There are many confusing facts about core training. This article helps clear some up. My own 2 cents:

  • Planks do a have a lot of benefits, but if you can hold it for over 60 secs… you’re not squeezing hard enough or it’s time to master a new exercise
  • I am a big fan of fish oil, but not necessarily the other supplements they recommend

8 Inconvenient Truths About Ab Training – TC Luoma on T-nation.com


Diet is extremely important to see any definition in your core. Here are some simple foods to keep on hand to make it easier:

  • Rice veggies (veggies in general, but these mix better with other foods)
  • Hot sauces (also mustard, spices, salsa, soy sauce and lemon juice) = low calorie & big flavor
  • Frozen bananas (mainly to replace ice cream)
  • Quality protein powder (I personally use MTS Machine Whey Protein… mint or peanut butter cookies and cream flavors)

Tip: 4 Convenient Foods You Should Be Eating – Chris Shugart on T-nation.com



Mind muscles connection (you know… actually the using the muscle you’re trying to engage) is also important.  Here is a simple trick to improve your communication to your abs. I wonder if it’s called beach body because the ocean can actually help you squeeze your abs better?

Your BEST Abs Contraction Ever (PERIOD!!) – Jeff Cavaliere on AthleanX.com



What I’m Reading Wednesday: Vacation Edition

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We have officially entered the unofficial start to summer and if you plan on traveling, here are some great articles and tips.

Don’t want to hunt down the local gym? Just want to be outside? Or to mix your routine? Track down the local stadium and try these bleacher workouts.
The Bleacher Workout That Will Torch Your Legs And Lungs – Laura Williams on Bodybuilding.com
You can pump out push up, planks, squats and lunges easily when you’re away from home. But the back muscles can be challenging to work when you’re on vacation and don’t have access to a gym. Luckily you can still do chin ups, as long as you have some towels and door.
Tip: Do Pull-Ups Anywhere Like This – Drew Murphy on T-nation.com
Traveling can be tough on your body. Cramped car or airplane seats, lugging around over-sized bags, and sleeping in a different bed will leave you feeling out of sorts. Some simple moves can help hit the reset button. Check some out below.
Tip: Feel Better and Move Better in 3 Minutes – Dean Graddon on T-nation.com

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Diet “Hacks”

I’m firmly believe the best way to:
– Lose weight,
– Get toned,
– Stay fit,
– Build muscle,
– Improve athleticism,
– And be awesome,
Is to be patient and consistent (not perfect) with your nutrition. But, sometimes we could use a little boost/hack/check-in. Here are some tips that could help…
Rumor Fact: It takes 20-25 mins for our stomach to register that it is full. Which is why wolfing down your food isn’t the best idea. That, and despite our stomach/intestines having fancy acid… they don’t actually have teeth.
Slow down. 
Even time yourself. 
Lose Fat with a Timer – Chris Shugart with T-nation.com
I’m partial to this article because the research was done at Cornell (in my hood). The study states that watching yourself in a mirror while eating will help you to make healthier choices. Creepy in public, but maybe could work at home? I’m not a fan of the “shaming” potential to this drill, but it could work for some folks.
Tip: An Awkward Way to Get Ripped – Chris Shugart with T-nation.com
This article could be frustrating if you believe your diet is excellent, but it is important to read.  Tracking every morsel and sip, even if it’s not exact, is an eye-opening experience.  Even a measly 250 calories (that’s 5.5 Oreos) everyday can add half a pound a week to the scale.  If weight lose is a priority, be cautious of those “little bites” or “sips” .

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Get Your Mind Right

I’m still on vacation and eager to soak up more rays before returning home, so this post will be quick and to the point.


When trying to make a lifestyle or diet change, you may try to “stop” or “avoid” certain activities.  This will only make you think about doing them more (check out the White Polar Bear Theory).  Instead, aim to begin good habits.  Check out the chart below:

Add vs. Avoid– Precision Nutrition


Stress has a huge impact on your life.  While a positive mindset can’t fix all the problems in the world, it can help you live a happier and healthier life.  As mentioned at the bottom of the article “the wolf you feed is the wolf that wins”.

Change Your Thoughts To Crush Your Goals– Shane Trotter with BreakMuscle.com


This one is about setting yourself up for success through your environment.  Eliminate distracting obstacles and making it easier to pick the healthier choice will be less taxing on your brain and will power.

Change Your Environment for Easy Fat Loss– Leslie Hooper from HooperFit.com

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Short on time? You and the rest of the 7.5 billion people on the planet. Good news, my post on Friday should help, until then… check out these quick fixes.
One of the best ways to build a burning desire to stab yourself in the eye lose weight is by counting calories. Unfortunately it’s boring, time-consuming, and “easy to forget” some of the cake/chocolate/ice cream calories.
Credit: Mememaker.com
What’s a good alternative?
Take a picture before eat meal or snack. You’ll have an accurate account of what you’ve been eating. Better yet, if you make it an Instagram account, it will help you to be more thoughtful and accountable (knowing others might be watching). Read more info here:
Tip: A New Kind of Food Log – Chris Shugart on T-nation.com
Have 20 mins or less to workout? Not a problem. You can accomplish a lot in that time. Focus on the B’s and H’s:
  • Breathless,
  • Burning,
  • Heat,
  • Heavy.

Check it out…

Know the B’s and the H’s– Dr. Jade Teta with T-nation.com



Speaking of workouts, if you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck… don’t waste your time on body part splits (Arm/Back/Chest/Leg Day, etc). This is an advanced method for body builders that have been grinding for years. Unless you enjoy dedicating a part-time job’s worth of effort to your lifting, check out these other routines:

Body-Part Splits Are Dead– Andy Van Grinsven with T-nation.com